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We will help you with the tattoo removal process.
On your first visit, we will develop a plan that best suits you and your needs.
We will answer all your questions and together with you we will determine whether removal is right for you.
How much is it?
How long does it take?
Each session lasts 15 minutes. You will need three to five fade sessions for cover-up and ten to twelve sessions for complete removal, depending on the tattoo color and size.
Technology and procedure
The removal procedure is performed with a neodymium laser and is a safe and effective procedure with virtually no side effects. Laser pressure wave technology does not leave discomfort on the skin during and after removal.
In our salon there are fixed prices for services for tattoo removal and permanent make-up, however, the cost may vary depending on the complexity and size of the tattoo, for a more accurate assessment you need to come to us for a consultation.
About the procedure
Removal with a neodymium laser is a short-pulse laser device that selectively destroys the coloring pigment, the method is based on laser photocavitation. The neodymium tattoo removal laser affects the skin with different wavelengths, so it is good for removing multi-colored and deep-set tattoos. Then the pigments brighten and fade. In addition, the laser does not damage the skin.

As with the tattoo, the client signs an informational consent for removal. Then the master must photograph the remote area in order to have a photo for comparison in the next procedure, track the results of the removal, correct his actions using the laser power, decreasing or increasing it.Next, anesthesia is applied for 10-15 minutes, after which you can proceed to removal. Glasses protect the eyes from powerful impulses of the client. The pigment is heated with a powerful impulse and whipping occurs, after a few minutes, whitening occurs, and the treated area remains the same, and maybe even darkens, this is due to the fact that the laser beam breaks up large granules pigment. into small ones and rises to the surface of the skin, edema appears, sometimes large, but it is good in removal, which means that the pigment is hot enough and we began the process of its decay. When the pigment is destroyed, microburn occurs next to adjacent tissues, but the skin is not disturbed and continues to perform its protective functions.
Eyebrow tattoo removal
Tattoo removal 10 * 15 cm
Tattoo removal 5 * 5 cm
Lip tattoo removal
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